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Ian Shaw

Are you looking to hire a professional roofer you can trust? To schedule an inspection, or to get more information about single-ply roofing systems and maintenance programs, call us at (435) 668-6652.

St George Roof Repair, LLC

Tile repair

Tile Repair Experts

Home inspection holding up your home sale? We specialize in color matching your concrete roof tiles including Capistrano, Ponderosa, Tapered Slate, Double Eagle Bel Air and many more.

St George Roof Repair

Flat Roof Experts

Almost all of the flat roofed homes in Southern Utah have 60 mil TPO or PVC which is mechanically fastened directly into the roof substrate with plates and screws. 

Awning Project

Re-Roof Experts

Re-roofing is the quickest and least costly way to restore your roof's appearance.  A low sloping roof with shingles is a perfect candidate for brand new 60 mil TPO.

Roof Maintenance

Even the best roof can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen trees, clogged drains, and other unexpected events.  A large leak can be financially disastrous.

How the tile repair process happens

Below are never before seen pictures of the process of how a concrete roof tile repair happens from beginning to end.  The deteriorated roofing underlayment gets removed, new industry leading underlayment gets installed.  Brand new cedar and perforated battens are installed to allow for proper water drainage, then the concrete roof tiles are re-installed exactly as they were before.

 About The OwnerIan

Ian Shaw, owner of St George Roof Repair, has successfully repaired, re-roofed and professionally installed over 1,000 residential and commercial roofs throughout Southern Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.  He grew up in Salt Lake City, UT and played 5-A basketball for Cottonwood High School, grew up skiing at Brighton Ski Resort, and is an avid chess and checkers player. More importantly, he has a passion for customer service and is committed to excellence serving businesses and home owners here in beautiful Southern Utah.  

He was on the crew that re-roofed The Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2020 and has repaired the rooftops of the 5th District Court on Tabernacle Street, State Bank of Southern Utah, and the RAM Company.

Being actively involved in the community means his interest in making a difference extends far beyond the reach of his professional roof repair business.

Ian is a big time Utah Jazz and Duke Blue Devils fan. 

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Preventative Roof Maintenance

St George Roof Repair takes all the steps necessary to ensure your roof is functioning properly.

  1. Remove all debris. Debris such as loose gravel, dirt, leaves, and twigs should be removed. These materials can retain water if left on the roof. The constant moisture can cause damage to the roof, promote growth of algae and mold, and cause standing water to form.
  2. Clear drains. Field drains and auxiliary drains are cleared to prevent ponding that may cause leaks or structural damage.
  3. Inspect the roof surface. We perform a visual inspection of the roof system. On single-ply roofs, we inspect for holes, cracks, or fastener back-outs. On built-up roofs, we look for areas with missing gravel or exposed felts. We inspect roof seams and transitions for cracks or holes and have them sealed.
  4. Inspect roof penetrations. Roof penetrations include pipes, drains, and other components that protrude through the roof surface. Roof penetrations are highly susceptible to leaks. It is very important we examine HVAC units, conduits, vents, rain collars, and pipe boots. If a roof penetration is leaking or damaged, give us a call immediately at 435-668-6652 to professionally diagnose the problem.
  5. Evaluate rooftop perimeter. We walk the roof perimeter to inspect the edge details and note any areas of concern, including soft spots, mold, or algae. We inspect the flashing at walls and curbs for any punctures or damage.
  6. Inspect the sealant. We keep a keen eye out for sealant or caulking issues such as cracking, openings, deterioration, or crazing. Sealant failures are often found around penetrations and perimeter flashings. Sealant requires regular roof inspections and often has to be repaired by a professional at St George Roof Repair, LLC.
  7. Prevent leaks before they start. A roof inspection may reveal areas of deterioration that will require repair. Repairing these small defects before they become major issues WILL SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS down the road.

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